A no-deal Brexit might be the best thing for the UK, so argue the contrarians

Published 27/11/18

Ahead of the Contrarian Prize in conversation with Professor Patrick Minford on 5 December 2018, Ali Miraj has written this piece about those advocating a "ne deal" Brexit.  . 

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Stop seeking refuge in moral indignation – listen to those who dare to disagree

Published 2/10/18

As the nominations for the 2019 Contrarian Prize open, we highlight the importance of discussing thorny issues in the public sphere, including immigration, rather than seeking refuge in moral indignation and self-righteousness. . 

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Forget the crushing consensus of trigger warnings and safe spaces: Our world needs more contrarians

Published 28/11/16

As the excitement mounts ahead of the Contrarian Prize special debate: Contrarianism in an age of conformity, we highlight the importance of debate. 

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Being a contrarian is tough, but on Brexit – as on Thatcherism – I'm sure I'm right

Published 175/17

Winner of the Contrarian Prize 2017, Professor Patrick Minford, outlines why he is pro-Brexit and comfortable going against the grain. 

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Simon Danczuk: A Great British Contrarian

Published 27/11/15 

Ahead of the Contrarian Prize lecture on 2 December 2015, Ali Miraj has written this piece about the 2015 winner, SImon Dancuk MP, . 

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Coverage of the 2015 Contrarian Prize

Published 16/11/15

It was always going to be a lively evening at this year’s Contrarian Awards, and last night did not disappoint, as MP Simon Danczuk follows in the footsteps of human rights lawyer and Guantanamo Bay campaigner Clive Stafford Smith to become the biggest contrarian of 2015.
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“Stooges and boot-lickers get ahead.” Strong words from Contrarian Awards founder Ali Miraj. Tonight, City figures will gather at Piccadilly’s Maison Assouline to celebrate champions of controversy at the Contrarian Prize Awards.
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Contrarian Prize in the Financial Times

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Contrarians are vital for healthy democracy

Published 16/11/15

Ali Miraj has written a piece for City Am outlining the contribution Contrarians make to our democracy. 

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Contrarian Prize 2015 shortlist announced

Published 16/11/15

The shortlist for the 2015 Contrarian Prize can be read about here



The Importance Of Being Contrarian

Published 25/9/14

Ahead of the Contrarian Prize lecture on 19 November 2014, founder of the Contrarian Prize, Ali Miraj, has written a piece highlighting public disillusionment with the estanblished political parties and the need fo Contrarian figures in British public life. Read it here

Where Are Our British Contrarians?

Published 25/9/14

Read the article in the Huffington Post launching the nominations process for the Contrarian Prize 2015 here

The Fine Art of Being Contrarian Gets Its Night Out in Mayfair

Published 3/4/14

Read the article in The Capitalist column in City AM here

Corporate Contrarians That Reveal Misconduct Should Be Recognised

Published 20/11/13

Ali Miraj has written a piece for City AM today ahead of the inaugural Contrarian Prize lecture which will be delivered this evening by ex-Olympus CEO, Michael Woodford at Cass Business School.

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Contrarian Prize on LBC

Published 9/10/13

Ali Miraj was interviewed on Friday 27th September by Iain Dale. 











Evening Standard covers Contrarian PrizeEvening Standard Covers Contrarian Prize

Published 19/03/2013

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Contrarian Prize - The Independent

Contrarian Prize shortlist announced by the Independent

Published 01/03/2013

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The Contrarian Prize in Today’s Independent

Contrarian Prize shortlist - The Independent

Published 27/11/2012

The public are screaming out for leaders of principle. But do our parties have any to offer?  

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Contrarian Prize on LBC

Iain Dale - Contrarian Prize

Published 25/09/2012

Ali Miraj appeared on Iain Dale’s Sunday morning show to discuss the idea behind the establishment of the Contrarian Prize and to encourage people to nominate individuals they believe are worthy of this accolade.  (London's Biggest Conversation, LBC 97.3 - talk radio for London on current affairs and news affecting London.)

You can hear the discussion by clicking here.

Contrarian Prize Featured In Today’s Independent

Contrarian Prize introduced - The IndependentPublished 17/09/2012

The Contrarian Prize is featured in today’s independent.  

The article can be seen here.

Contrarian Prize

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